Response glib

I OFTEN enjoy watching windsurfers and kite surfers making the most of our massive Peel-Harvey Estuary water body, so I was surprised to read that some of them occasionally venture into the Creery Wetlands.

I was even more surprised at the rather glib response from their spokespeople, in their letter in last week�s edition.

They suggest that they �only use it about four times a year� and �only in very strong westerly gales when there is no other safe alternative� (presumably not safe for them) and that �only swans are likely to be feeding there during the winter gale conditions� and that �we have a management plan in place to allow the swans to move calmly to another section of the lagoon�.

Actually, you don’t.

On one occasion, I very gently canoed (one-way) through the wetlands and I challenge anyone to move any slower than I did.

Certainly, no windsurfer or kite surfer could � or would. Moreover, I did not make the return journey through the wetlands precisely because, despite my extreme caution, my presence was clearly upsetting to the swans.

Surely, if it is “only four times a year” then you can do the right thing, and desist from entering (even if our gutless authorities are not prepared to stop you).

Take the day off and find something less vandalistic to do.