Senseless act to remove Woody

Portrait of bride and groom by church
Portrait of bride and groom by church

I TOO was devastated when I saw that our beloved Woody had been removed when I drove past on him last Monday.

I always looked forward to seeing what his latest fashion was. I would like to make our community aware that I think we have a serial tree-cutting person or persons and I hope that they will be caught in the act very soon.

About three weeks ago on a Friday night someone cut down one of the trees on Ocean Road, Dawesville. It was obviously done on Friday night and I noticed it when walking on Saturday morning as they just left it lying on the road. Sadly, now the lovely line of trees outside the Ocean Road Primary School has one missing.

I have since noticed the council has placed wire netting around our beautiful palm trees at the entrance of Florida Beach as several of those have gone now also.

I hope the tree cutters are caught soon; something so simple as dressing up a tree had brought so much joy.

What a senseless act.

Fran Nicholson, Dawesville