Simple courtesy

They are dressed to protect themselves from the very real danger of asbestos fibres, while at work.

But who or what is protecting you and your children?

Unfortunately, in Western Australia the law only requires that you be advised if the asbestos building to be demolished is more than 100sqm. Very few homes are this large.

Therefore, the onus is on owners and developers to show common courtesy and concern for your safety. Common sense and courtesy should dictate that you would advise your neighbours of your intention and schedule details when demolishing or removing asbestos from a building.

All you need to ask yourself is how close would you let your own children or grandchildren play during an asbestos removal

If you have neighbours that close, let them know. Then they can, at the very least, have their windows closed, take their children elsewhere, know not to let them play outside, and bring in the washing before such procedures begin.

Mandurah is full of old asbestos holiday homes, squarely in line for demolition and redevelopment.

Therefore, show some respect and courtesy for your neighbours; give advance notice of asbestos removal, even though it is not required by the law.