Sink this idea

THE Abbott Government wants 12 diesel- powered submarines. What for?

Will New Zealand or China attack us when they already own half the farm?

This battle fleet plan will set the federal budget backwards by $54 billion in more deficit.

Moreover, this dinosaur navy may be built in South Australia just to reduce the impact after GM Holden closes.

I�m fed up with the nitpicking, turkey gobbling debates in Federal Parliament. Apparently, the cost of housing in Sydney is more important than the unemployed youth in Mandurah who are stuck in long-term rental accommodation with no future.

Perhaps Commodore Abbott will issue some 457 visas for the unemployed to work in casual jobs in China on the digital production line assembling value-adding products from Australian cotton and iron ore.

No wonder the Asian economy is booming at our gullible expense.

I remember when Australia had full employment to create the taxable revenue before the social dividend.