Skimpy by choice

If they choose to be a skimpy barmaid that is their choice.

They have had the chance to go to university so their choices are wider, but some women may not have that opportunity.

Women have the right to choose their profession, and if it means showing a bit of skin or even being a sex worker then other women should support them in their choice.

To make sure they work in a safe work environment is more a concern for me.

Guess what, women can go to a strip club and see men undress and get a lap dance.

Men can pole dance if they like.

Sarah, you may struggle all you like, but that’s your own moral compass; how you were raised what your values are and so forth.

You teach your children to respect, and not judge; there is a world of difference.

I am 62, and if I could get my old body around a pole I would, and if I was a skimpy’