Bouvard resident suggests others respect local wildlife

DON'T Brian and Jeneve Moore (Snake fears at path, Coastal Times, November 5) have the common sense just to enjoy the local wildlife of the area?

The dugite is a native reptile and they and their neighbours are lucky to have one they can observe and from which they can learn.

This animal is not hurting anyone and if the adults are smart enough they would point it out to their children and teach them to care for it by protecting it from their dogs and other humans, instead of the attitude that anything that isn’t pretty and or cuddly must die or be removed.

The snake could become the neighbourhood mascot.

Mr Moore is concerned the snake will eventually bite someone ” leave it alone Mr Moore and it will leave you alone.

Unlike humans, snakes don’t go out of their way to cause trouble to or harm other beings.

This dugite is in its home.

Yes, I have had dugites on my property and pointed them out to my children. We have no fear of them and they have no need to fear us.