Speeding dismay

THE WA police via various media outlets have reported much about the rising number of vehicle crashes, injuries and deaths on our roads.

I travel daily between Rockingham and Mandurah and occasionally via Mandjoogoordap Drive and the Kwinana Freeway to Perth.

I am constantly amazed at the many drivers who exceed the speed limits around Mandurah and equally amazed at the lack of police presence in the way of speed cameras, police vehicles and hand-held speed detectors.

The biggest concern for the police should be the 80km/h and 60km/h speed zones on Mandurah Road around the Singleton area; this is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Come on drivers, it is not that hard: drive at the speed limit, don’t use your phone when in the car and keep left on dual carriageways.

P. BRADSHAW, Mandurah.