Strange accent

THANKS to Vanessa Schmitt for her editorial in last week’s edition headlined ‘Odd name comes home to roost’.

Her comments on the unsuitable naming of public places in our city during recent years were spot-on and I’m sure reflect the views of many residents.

Naming and signage of public places and buildings should clearly identify their use.

The examples she refers to do not do this.

The first is a real mind bender.

The Mandurah Centre for Contemporary Art is cryptically named INQB8, suggesting it is some form of chicken hatchery.

There is not a hint in the name of what it actually is ” an art centre.

Little wonder attendances have been disappointing.

The next example was the re-naming of Mandurah Senior Citizens Centre, which a few years ago became Ac-cent Mandurah. I have noted that often when an event is advertised as Ac-cent Mandurah it is still followed by Mandurah Senior Citizens Centre in brackets so people will know exactly where the event is to be held ” so much for the suitability of a new name.

Then there is the Bridge Quarter. A couple of years ago the council ran a competition to rename the old centre of Mandurah and came up with the Bridge Quarter.

If I remember correctly, the winning entrant received $1000. Bit of a waste of a thousand bucks.