Theme park hopes dashed

I agree with Leslie Street resident Carroll Millington who wrote in the caption to accompany the picture of her four granddaughters at the fun park that it was a shame we cannot enjoy the good old days of Castle Fun Park.

I drive past there nearly every day and to read that the castle will be restored to its former glory really lifted my spirits.

I have some wonderful pictures and memories of my friends and family taken at the Castle and in the Australia-shaped pool.

It would be a fantastic thing to do. Sadly though, when I saw that the Fantasy development spokesperson was ‘April Uno’ my hopes were dashed.

April Fool and all jokes aside, I would sincerely like to see David Templeman and Rhys Williams really take some time to consider how this site could be developed.

Now the site is an eyesore, and to see the slow death of the wonderful Bavarian castle as vandals and the weather take their toll it quite upsetting.