Traffic debacle

I WAS one of thousands of unfortunates caught up in the traffic pandemonium south of the estuary on Thursday, September 4 in Mandurah.

A doctor’s appointment at Waikiki Hospital, for which I had waited more than three months, had to be abandoned.

I have lived in NSW and Victoria for19 years and here in the west for 37 years and never have I experienced (nor heard of) any traffic debacle to match that of Thursday morning in our small city.

Thank God, the person responsible does not work in Sydney or Melbourne. He or she would bring those cities to a standstill in a matter of hours.

There must have been legions of people who missed planes, trains, doctors’ appointments, meetings and schoolchildren very late or missing school.

Any acceptable excuse for the chaos caused cannot be envisaged, although this be would be on a par with recent road changes in Mandurah.

Whoever perpetrated this monumental foul-up hopefully did not have his or her job on Friday, September 5… or has been promoted to janitor.