Tragedy feared

IN response to Chris Dunnion’s letter in the last edition headlined ‘Idiot drivers’, we have exactly the same problem with speeding traffic on James Street in Pinjarra.

It starts between 6-7.30am with drivers going to work but it’s far worse in the afternoons from 3.30pm onwards: weekends are even worse.

It’s not just cars but motorbikes, buses and trucks. Speed humps were put in the mid section of James Street to no avail as vehicles fly over these with two wheels on the humps and two on the road. Motorbikes just speed between the gaps of the speed humps.

The top end of James Street from Forrest Street has become a speed track with most vehicles travelling up to 10-20km/h over the speed limit. The sound of speeding vehicles is deafening at times.

What does it take to get this problem solved? Some time ago I put a written complaint to Murray Shire that resulted in a speed monitor put down for a couple days.

I received a letter to tell me that the average speed was 62km/h so nothing would be done. If I wanted to take the matter further I had to get the offending vehicles’ registrations and tell the police.

That’s not easy when vehicles are going so fast they are just a blur.

I was under the impression the speed limit was 50km/h but was told by the shire it’s 60km/h.

It’s about time police targeted this area before there is a tragedy.

Colleen Wann, Pinjarra