Unwanted sought

Perhaps writer John Parker (Poor timing, Coastal Times, February 12) could join those of us with this attitude which would give him something to do and he would not have the time on his hands to look for things to complain about.

Don’t we already have too many fines for too many things?

John, join those of us who love picking up something and making something else out of it. You too will then look forward to the bulk rubbish collection.

I was harassed, abused and assaulted by a neighbour over a period of years. They have now gone, thank God, and it was only collecting electric appliances and taking them apart down to the smallest screw that kept me sane through that time.

Therefore, you see the “unwanted goods” are actually wanted and good.

Many people also put out stuff so that someone else can make use of the items, and enjoy seeing their goods going to new homes instead of being crushed at a landfill site; putting the items out early helps this to happen. Unfortunately, this happens only once a year.

Carmel Hodges, Bouvard