Weak sentences absolutely disgusting

THE parents of Jason Goodwin, who was killed by a coward’s punch, have urged the Government to double the penalty for this crime.

According to one report, in the last 10 years there have been nine fatal one-punch attacks.

From memory, the most punishment any of these gutless offenders has been given is five to six years, which means that with good behaviour and parole, they only spend around two to three years behind bars.

This is absolutely disgusting, an outrage against the community.

It makes me sick to my stomach seeing families interviewed on TV saying, where is the justice?

Judges and magistrates are paid huge sums of money, but they seem to have forgotten that their number one priority is to dispense appropriate punishment for the perpetrator and justice for the victim(s) and their families.

Second comes deterrence for others who might commit similar offences and lastly, rehabilitation.

It’s been the same for years with drivers who kill or seriously injure people because they are drunk, stoned, hooning, texting, unlicensed, etc.

Surely, if a person takes another person’s life, the very minimum time they should be removed from society is eight to 10 years.