Who pays?

FURTHER to the issue of the RAAFA Village in Erskine perhaps not paying City of Mandurah annual rates, the City’s chief executive Mark Newman needs to clarify the recent local news report that he does not dispute the organisation is a “charity” entity, which exempts the residents from paying annual rates.

Consequently, the City officers have decided City rates are going to increase by an extra 1 per cent to cover the revenue lost.

However, it was reported that the City is appealing in the Supreme Court against the State Administration Tribunal’s earlier decision supporting RAAFA’s charity status, presumably at ratepayers’ expense.

That is a double cost to ratepayers and a clear explanation is required.

If RAAFA Village does do not pay any annual rates it seems most people would consider it is reasonable for the City to withdraw all services to the village and residents, unless there are legal obligations.

Graham McPherson,