Why are we so bad?

I was 42 years a non-Christian, so I think my knowledge of both sides of the track are interesting.

I have learnt that a Christian has a mandate with God to tell others about Jesus dying on the Cross for their sins and accepting Him as Saviour to gain eternal life.

But as I travel the road of belief in Him, I find that most Aussies do not want to hear about Jesus and eternal life in Him.

Everyone I tell of His love tells me to ‘shut up, don’t mention God, don’t mention the Bible, don’t tell me He loves me’ and so on.

Why are Aussies so anti-God and anti-Christian, but you can tell them about anything else, like sex, drugs, dirty jokes, filthy car stickers and T-shirts they laugh at, movies, sports, celebrities made into gods, the same with singers and movie stars.

Why are they afraid of Christianity, Christians, church, the Bible etc.

Tell me why we are so bad?