Dawesville reader disagrees with Gough Whitlam editorial

WHAT ill-informed nonsense your reporter Gabrielle Jeffery wrote in last week's Editorial.

Gough Whitlam did not create free medical coverage and university education. He didn’t, nor was it the tooth fairy ” it was the Australian taxpayer.

I suspect Ms Jeffery was not around at the time to note the sizeable increase in taxes to cover such financially disastrous fantasies. The latter policy was regarded as so bad in its workings that R.J.L Hawke dumped it as soon as he could. Hawke also attached a co-payment to Medibank/Medicare to try to manage the immense cost of the program.

If your reporter wants to learn some facts about Whitlam I suggest she and others like her research just these few words Khemlani, East Timor, Junie Morosi and having done so then review if this man still glistens with rectitude.

As for Vietnam, Australia’s withdrawal was all but completed when the Whitlam government came to power, thanks to J.G. Gorton who commenced the process in 1970. All Gough had to do was withdraw a few “advisers”.

Finally, I wonder if Ms Jeffery has ever been to Singapore and considers why it is perfectly safe to walk the streets after dark there and not so here.

Perhaps it has a great deal to do with the fact that Singapore still has a national service program.

Thanks to Whitlam, Australia does not and given the Vietnam War was all but over when he came to power this is one policy he should have left alone.