Helping Angels after Car Break-Down in Mandurah

ON January 27, we had one of our worst experiences yet.

In rush hour and in the unbearable heat, our car with our caravan on the back broke down at the lights of the busy intersection of Mandurah and Pinjarra roads.

What a nightmare, especially since we did not have our mobile.

We thank a guardian angel in the form of Christie, who pulled up her Pajero on the sand at the side of the road and invited us to sit in it.

She offered us her phone to call the RAC and helped to limp the car and caravan on to the side strip too.

We also thank the guy in the hat who arrived in a small blue car and tried to establish why the car had stalled.

Our thanks also go out to drivers in the long queue of traffic who had to wait patiently to get round us.

No one seemed too impatient or angry, for which we were thankful, because we were so embarrassed at causing such a jam.

Thank you all; it is so good to experience such consideration, help and support in these days when all we hear about is doom, gloom, assaults, angry people and violence. This made what was an awful experience for us easier to handle.


Halls Head.