Top tips to prepare your home for sale

Top tips to prepare your home for sale

Sharing his top tips for selling, he said it was important to use the services of an agent who had good knowledge of the local area and its potential property buyers.

“Research shows that most people who purchase a home live in a 15km radius of the property,” he said.

“Your marketing campaign should therefore be targeted at potential buyers who live in your local area.

“A reputable agent will be able to set a correct selling price and market the property to buyers most likely to purchase your home.”

He recommended people eliminate clutter from their homes for presentation and consider buying accessories to enhance appeal.

“Mirrors, plants and quality towels can generate a feeling of luxury even in an otherwise plain bathroom,” he said.

“If you have any empty rooms, make sure they have some furniture as well as flowers and hanging pictures.

“Homes that have empty rooms are usually much more difficult to sell.”

Mr Kempton said a neutral colour scheme would appeal to the greatest number of homebuyers and decor should be aimed at maximising the use of light.

As kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most important features of a home, his advice was to clean tiles and grout to restore their appearance.

“A useful and inexpensive tip is to consider installing new bathroom taps,” he said.

He also suggested installing higher quality light fittings in the main family room and guest room.