Greyhounds as Pets sets adoption record

A NEW adoption record for retired greyhounds to become pets was set last Sunday after 24 dogs were given new homes.

More than 25 families and couples attended a four-hour event to meet their new pets at Racing and Wagering WA’s new Greyhounds as Pets kennel facility in Southern River.

“We are so pleased to have had the pleasure to match 24 greyhounds to their forever homes and set a new record for the program,” said GAP manager Lauren Savage.

“Greyhounds are one of the most adaptable and sweet natured dog breeds, suited to living with families, the elderly and in inner-city apartments and it’s always such a wonderful feeling when you are able to find them their perfect match.”

RWWA greyhounds manager Barry Hamilton said the authority was committed to ensuring that the best levels of care were given to greyhounds throughout all stages of their lives.

“When a greyhound retires from the racing industry, at any age, RWWA will aim to have every healthy and behaviourally sound greyhound re-homed,” Mr Hamilton said.

He said RWWA had continued to heavily invest in its GAP program, which promotes, encourages and facilitates greyhound pet ownership to the wider community through the provision of safe, healthy greyhounds to homes throughout Western Australia.

The investment includes the lease a new Southern River facility in August 2016, which has increased kennel capacity from 20 to 37, as well as the employment of a dedicated program co-ordinator and kennel manager.