Jayden an inspiration

He was recognised as a young person who had made an important contribution in their community.

Jayden is studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in psychology and human resources management.

He received an extra $1000 for his role in fundraising and leadership as he has represented his school at national and international events.

�My twin brothers are very important in my life,� Jayden said. �They are my inspiration and fuel to keep going and work as hard as I can to achieve my dreams.�

A record number of young West Australians were awarded prizes to help pursue their career paths.

Child Protection Minister Helen Morton presented awards to 43 young people, aged 15 to 25 who have been in the care of the Department for Child Protection and Family Support, and are pursuing further education or training.

�The award winners have confronted and overcome major challenges at a very early age and their dedication, tenacity and commitment is proof that if you have every intention of realising a positive future, it will happen,� she said. �They are building on what they have achieved and inspiring all of us along the way; I thank all the winners for sharing their journey with us.�