Lifeguard patrols remain

The City’s Community Development Committee passed the contract, which then went before the City of Rockingham council for final approval.

Under the contract, patrol hours will reduce in early December to 8am to 11am but from December 16 would increase to 8am to 4pm.

The reduced hours earlier in the season will increase the patrol season until February 28.

Each year, the patrols will cost $48,374.

The report to the committee said the vital service was important given the hazardous conditions at the beach.

In 2012/13, the two paid lifeguards cost $44,109 operating from December to February 8am to 4pm.Professional lifeguards have patrolled the beach, home to Secret Harbour Surf Life Saving Club (SHSLC) since 1998 and a three-year contract was first put into place in 2009.