Mandurah clinic a perfect lead-in to local open-water swimming round

State open-water swimming coach Bobby Jovanovich.
State open-water swimming coach Bobby Jovanovich.

MANDURAH residents will have the opportunity to perfect their open-water swimming technique with open-water national coach and WA state team coach Bobby Jovanovich as well as National Swimming Open finalist Ryan Everden on October 15 and 16.

As part of the new Community Aquatic Series roadshow, a pool clinic, technical official forum, governance forum and coaches forum will be held at Mandurah Aquatic, followed by an Open Water Swimming Clinic at Town Beach.

Jovanovich said it was a chance for people to see that open-water swimming was not just for Olympians.

“Open-water swimming is attainable for everyone, not just elite swimmers,” Jovanovich said.

“Once you give it a try, you’ll be counting down the days until your next open-water swim.”

The clinic will provide practical information on taking part in open-water swimming events, followed by an in-water demonstration of how to start, turn around a buoy, sight the course and manage a crowded water space.

The clinic comes in the lead-up to Mandurah’s round of the Swimming WA Open Water Swimming Series on Sunday, November 6 at Town Beach.

Clinic participants can get an exclusive discount on entry to the Mandurah Open Water Swimming round if they sign up at the Community Aquatic Series.