Peel riders impress

Peel riders impress

The Cristal Series run by South West Cycling Club comprises three team-based events in three different towns over the next three months, with two races on each day.

The first is a short road race generally out of town, follow by a short break and then a team trial back to the start.

PDCC was well represented in Collie, with members making up the Avanti Uberquads and Champion Lakes Racing teams in the category one race, a second Avanti Uberquads team in category two as well as members of other teams.

The category one race was aggressive, with constant attacking from the Champion Lakes Racing team.

In the end, it was a bunch sprint with Nicholas Lawler first (Avanti Uberquads), Matrin Thurlby second and Jamie Coutts third.

The Avanti Uberquads then dominated the team trial, to lead the series.

The Dog Hill circuit in Baldivis played host to the West Coast Masters Cycling Council. There were a number of PDCC members who qualified for WCMCC eligibility � over 35 years old for men or over 30 for women � racing.

A-Grade was an aggressive race, with a breakaway of eight riders established by the halfway mark.

The bunch chased hard, but the breakaway stayed away, with Jon Gregg taking the reduced bunch sprint, Norm Shattock second and Wayne Thomson third.

B-Grade saw a number of attacks, but nothing stuck and in the end it was a flying last lap and a bunch sprint with Carl Morrone first, Jason Hapeta second and Mark Anastasas third.

There were a number of attempts to get away in C-Grade, from full-blown attacks to attempts to sneak off the front, but nothing succeeded.

The race ended with Gregory Smith winning the bunch sprint, with Ian Lee second and Brett Clapham third.

The strong wind and smaller field made D-Grade a challenging race.

When riders attacked up the slight rise with a kilometre to go, the bunch disintegrated.

In the dash to the line, it was Eddy Pope first, Kylie Anticich second and Jon Dooner third.

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