Sixth title for surf champion

Bodyboarder Davis Blackwell (17) at the beach. Picture: Marie Nirme d404344
Bodyboarder Davis Blackwell (17) at the beach. Picture: Marie Nirme d404344

The local’s success began 10 years ago when he got a bodyboard for Christmas from his nanna.

Blackwell honed his skills at Mandurah Wedge and four years ago took out the State Bodyboard Series under-14s event at Yallingup.

Since he began making bodyboarding news he’s been described as ‘a seamless performer’ with a ‘talent for pushing boundaries’.

He hopes to make the sport his career and while he admits sponsorship is not essential to have fun, it does play an important role in the creation of a professional.

Blackwell recently signed with NMD Bodyboards.

Reeflex wetsuits, Unite clothing and Inverted Bodyboard store are also backers.

‘If you are going down to the beach for fun with your mates, sponsorship is not very important,’ Blackwell said.

‘But if you are chasing the comps and you want to make a career out of the sport, it is important. They help with giving you exposure and funding helps you get to places like comps and surfing trips.’

Blackwell enjoys heading over east for the chance to hang out with and compete against other bodyboarders.

He also recommends other young people try the sport.

According to Blackwell, the age-old rivalry between surfers and bodyboarders is beginning to die.

‘No I don’t think (surfers discriminate against bodyboarders) as much as they used to,’ he said.

‘But there are still a handful of people out there who don’t mind speaking their mind.’