Hospitality heavyweights set to open Quarter Acre Hotel in Applecross

Jye Glaskin (G.M.) & Emily Finch (Ass. Manager) Picture: Jon Hewson   d490815
Jye Glaskin (G.M.) & Emily Finch (Ass. Manager) Picture: Jon Hewson d490815

APPLECROSS residents are set to get a new local with the opening of a new pub on Canning Highway.

The Quarter Acre Hotel is set to open imminently, with only a bit of red tape left to cut before it starts serving cold beverages and warm meals.

The brainchild of Miles Hull, known for Little Creatures and Shadow Wine Bar, and Clint Nolan, known for Henry Summer and Sneaky Tony’s, the venue is being described as a friendly neighbourhood pub.

The pub is half outdoors and indoors, with picnic tables, a large central bar and multiple areas for drinking, dining and events.

General manager Jye Glaskin said they wanted to create a venue where people felt welcome, which was why the name was chosen after the common name for a suburban plot of land.

“We want people to feel like they are home, with a beer garden like people would have at their house,” he said.

“We’ll offer fresh pub food like burgers, parmigiana and fish and chips, and for drinks we’ll have 36 taps with local craft bars, the old favourite Swan Lager, cocktails and Margaret River wines.”

Mr Glaskin said they had received positive feedback from residents.

“I think people feel like there is a lack of a corner local and we hope we can be somewhere that people can walk to and pop in,” he said.

“The main thing is that we want to be a part of the community.”