Disney dream comes true

Sicuso Dance Studio dancers.
Sicuso Dance Studio dancers.

A TALENTED Kardinya dancer and her peers departed Australia last week to perform at some of California�s most iconic locations.

Alessia Ciampini is on tour as part of a 20-member team from Sicuso Dance Studio that will perform on Hollywood Boulevard, at Universal Studios and the Disney-owned California Adventure.

But the big one, according to principal and studio founder Malinda Mitchell, is a performance down Main Street at Disneyland with dancers from around the world.

The local performers, who all train at the Port Kembla Drive studio Ms Mitchell opened in 2012, have been putting in the hard yards since finding out they had been accepted back in July, fundraising the $4000 per person to make the trip a reality.

�It�s been a long nine months since we were accepted but totally worth every minute of extra time and effort and organisation it�s taken,� Mitchell said.

�This team deserves this so much because they�ve put in everything and more.�

As a budding dancer, Mitchell told her father she would put the Sicuso family name up in lights.

She hopes this trip, and the chance to perform on such a stage, will fulfil that promise.

�There is a famous quote that behind every good dancer is a devoted parent,� she said.

�I was lucky enough to have two devoted parents.

�For my studio, it shows what can be achieved when different people from different walks of life are all bought together for the same reason.�