Still all greek in sequel

Perth playwright Noel O’Neill has penned a follow-up featuring the Planks, a Greek-English family living in 1960s London, for even more hilarity-matched-with-disaster.

They return in It’s All Greek To Me Too! with family patriarch Nicky finding himself in all sorts of bother.

After becoming matchmaker for his former girlfriend Circe and cousin Stavros, the couple went off to live in Greece but Nicky soon learns the marriage is a disaster.

Circe is disappointed by the domestic conditions in Greece, with no hot water, no TV and a house occupied by a goat and chicken, so she returns to London and puts a curse on Nicky.

With Christmas coming, little money coming in, a pregnant daughter, a son about to get engaged, a suicidal wife, a crooked seer and an eye on the girls in his life, Nicky must find a way to get the curse lifted.

Melville resident Vivienne Marshall reprises her role as Nicky’s wife Athena.

“She’s highly passionate, emotional, dramatic and suicidal but a very loving, traditional Greek wife and mother,” she said.

“Athena actually comes very easy to me given my own Greek heritage; it’s like home!

“I feel I know her so well that I’ve found it quite easy to learn my lines because it’s like I know exactly what she’s going to say.”

Mt Pleasant residents Charlotte Weber and Andre Balzelli play Irena, a mature and experienced woman who wants to go back to Greece and Stavros, a simple, uneducated farmer.

Kardinya resident Valeri Dragojevic returns as Nicky’s pregnant daughter Jenna; while also co-directing the show.

“She is still her father’s voice of reason but has changed a little towards him, due to her own circumstance and how he treats her mother,” she said. Brentwood resident Rex Gray plays the crooked clairvoyant Andronikus.

It’s All Greek To Me Too! Begins playing February 12.

All proceeds from the 3pm matinee on February 21 will be donated to the South-West Bushfire Appeal.

Tickets are $25/$20. Book at oldmilltheatre or on 9367 8719.