Aged-care homes target

Aged-care homes target

Last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Palmyra Police and the South Metropolitan Crime Prevention Team were alerted to a number of opportunistic break-ins at several nursing homes.

Police said the incidents reported, occurred mainly during the evening but with some daytime break-ins.

‘They are targeting people aged 70 years and older, taking advantage of them being hearing impaired,’ South Metropolitan Crime Prevention co-ordinator Paul Sampson said.

‘They are breaking into the houses or units while residents are watching TV and stealing their bags from the premises and leaving,’ he said.

‘We suspect it could be the same group of thieves targeting nursing homes with a similar way of entry each time.’

Palmyra officer-in-charge Craig Collins said police have increased their patrols in the area and targeting nursing homes, but urged residents to report any suspicious activity and to lock their doors.

‘We found many are locking their security screens and think that’s enough, but thieves are breaking through the security screens and getting inside,’ Snr Sgt Collins said.

‘In many cases, residents are just putting the snib on and the criminals are using a wire to manipulate the snib to open. The door must be key locked to be safe,’ Sgt Sampson said.

‘If you have family that are in a nursing home or a care situation please have a look at the security that they have on their homes.’