Applecross: JDAP rejects 16-storey Kintail Road development

Applecross: JDAP rejects 16-storey Kintail Road development

THE Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel has rejected a 16-storey project on Kintail Road in Applecross following concerns about its value to the community.

The proposed $39 million development, which included 91-apartments, was located within the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan (CBACP) area that allowed for 10-storey developments with height concessions for community benefits.

During yesterday’s lengthy meeting, it was debated whether Hillam Architects had displayed enough community benefits and whether the development was of exemplary quality.

City of Melville council officers said they believed the development had displayed exemplary design principles and community benefits such as public art, spaces for the community and end of trip facilities so it warranted the extra storeys.

The panel voted to refuse the development four votes to one with members Megan Adair, Christopher Antill, Michael Hardy and City of Melville councillor Tim Barling voting to reject it while fellow councillor Nicole Robins had the lone vote in favour.

Mr Harding said the CBACP was constructed in a way that meant the panel members needed to be subjective and expressed concern the development did not have enough community benefits.

Cr Robins said while amendments to the CBACP were possible in the future after the council began investigations into putting caps on heights in the 10 and 15 storey zones, she believed the development met the objectives of the plan.

Earlier in the meeting, a number of residents and two councillors, Steve Kepert and Nicholas Pazolli, used their deputations to ask the panel to reject the development or to just allow for 14-storeys.

During a June 26 council meeting, the councillors rejected its own administration’s Responsible Authority Report to endorse the development and indicated it would be prepared to support a 14-storey development with similar designs and benefits to the community.