Applecross prostate cancer survivor thrilled to be giving blood again

Keith Dadow with his son Hunter and daughter Bronte.
Keith Dadow with his son Hunter and daughter Bronte.

IT has been a long time between blood donations for prostate cancer survivor Keith Daddow and the Applecross resident could not be more excited about getting the needle.

Mr Daddow was 42 when diagnosed with the disease, promptly ending a 14-year ritual of donating blood and platelets fortnightly.

In October, Mr Daddow celebrated being five years cancer free, allowing him to resume the tradition.

To ensure the safety of blood donors and recipients, cancer survivors are ineligible to donate until they have been free of the disease for five years. Mr Daddow is just the 33rd Australian to resume donating blood after surviving prostate cancer.

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“I’m super pumped – the guy I spoke to when I booked in my appointment said he had never heard anyone so excited about making a donation,” Mr Daddow said.

“My last donation was five years ago and there were times I thought I’d die before getting to do it again.”

Mr Daddow is a passionate prostate cancer fundraiser. Two years ago he climbed Mt Kilimanaro in Tanzania to raise money for the cause.

“Doing the trek two years ago was my way of spreading the message about early intervention,” he said.

“I’m happy to say in my life I’ve encouraged many people to get tested.”

Mr Daddow’s wife Margot is currently climbing the same mountain to also raise funds and awareness of the disease.

The Blood Service said 34 per cent of all donated blood was used for patients with cancer and blood diseases.