Ardross: action group given nod for redevelopment of Strickland Oval

Ardross: action group given nod for redevelopment of Strickland Oval

THE Strickland Oval Action Group (SOAG) has given its tick of approval to the final concept plan for a $6.7 million makeover of the Ardross reserve.

The group’s main concern was the relocation of the Mt Pleasant Bowling Club to Shirley Strickland reserve, a proposal Melville council has dropped in favour of a new multi-sport facility at Tompkins Park.

Instead, key elements of the final concept plan include a brand new pavilion on the site of the existing one, which will include social facilities, change rooms, public toilets, storage and spectator viewing areas.

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The current oval is retained with a slight expansion to one of the rectangular playing fields to accommodate a new 50m cricket wicket.

Other features include improvements to the current field lighting, new picnic and playground facilities, a fitness path around the reserve and upgraded parking.

SOAG spokesman Louis De Villiers said the group was pleased with the overall concept plan but did have some minor lingering concerns.

“We appreciate that the footprint of the clubhouse, change rooms and toilets remains essentially as per the existing building and furthermore are happy to see the intention to upgrade the trees and verge vegetation,” he said.

“There continues to be some concern over the loss of any trees as anticipated should a junior cricket oval be developed on the playing field on the corner of Sweetman and Mitchell Streets.

“The policy of replacing each tree removed with two plantings is laudable but the loss of mature trees should always be considered with only the greatest reluctance.”

Melville council will vote at Tuesday’s ordinary meeting.