Attadale: 125-year-old gold pocket watch stolen in burglary

Attadale: 125-year-old gold pocket watch stolen in burglary
Attadale: 125-year-old gold pocket watch stolen in burglary

ATTADALE resident Rob Franklin is desperately appealing for help locating a 125-year-old family heirloom stolen from his home yesterday afternoon.

The solid gold pocket watch was a gift to his great grandfather Major Charles Alfred Franklin, who was stationed in Africa during World War I.

Major Franklin, who was a Quartermaster and Band Leader, started a Freemasons Lodge in Egypt during the war.

When the lodge disbanded after peace was declared, Major Franklin was gifted the watch, which is engraved with Masonic symbols, by his fellow Masons.

It has been passed down to the first son in the Franklin family ever since and in 1994 was valued at $6000 by Mazzucchelli’s.

Mr Franklin, who has recently moved to Attadale from Hamilton Hill, said the watch was stolen during a five-hour window on Wednesday afternoon.

“There was no one at home from about 11am until 4pm and it looks like they got in by pulling the flywire off my office window and then sliding it open,” he said.

“When I got home the side gate was open but my neighbour does borrow my lawnmower from time to time so I wasn’t too worried.

“Then I looked over and his car was parked on his lawn and when I opened the front door and there was a cupboard open with stuff everywhere so I knew what had happened.

“My bedroom was upside down and I could see the bag I usually keep the watch in on the floor and my heart just sank.”

Luckily, war medals belonging to Mr Franklin’s uncle, grandfather and great grandfather were left behind.

“They stole jewellery and some cash and all sorts of things but the pocket watch will be the hardest for them to sell and it’s the only thing I’m really interested in,” he said.

“It’s a family heirloom and I was planning on giving it to my nephew.”

Mr Franklin is offering a monetary reward for the safe return of the pocket watch.

He can be contacted on 0403 380 061.