Bicton MLA Lisa O’Malley says City of Melville will need to reapply for Tompkins Park grant

Tompkins Park.
Tompkins Park.

BICTON MLA Lisa O’Malley has conceded the City of Melville will have to re-apply for a $700,000 State Government grant following the council’s decision to put the Tompkins Park redevelopment project on hold.

The council made the decision to put the project on hold pending a review at a May 21 meeting and on that night City chief executive Marten Tieleman said he had received assurances from Ms O’Malley about the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries grant that they could keep the grant.

Mr Tieleman told the Melville Times last week that it appeared the City would have to relinquish the grant with no guarantee that reapplying would be successful.

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Ms O’Malley told the Melville Times she had been working closely with the City to assist where possible in light of the council’s decision.

“I have had discussions with Mr Tieleman at the City and liaised with the Department to find out about the conditions of the grant,” she said.

“Mr Tieleman and I discussed the grant, and I said I would find out if the funding could be repurposed for another project.

“Whilst that funding avenue is no longer available as it was tied to the that particular redevelopment project, I encourage the City of Melville to re-apply for new funding for a project that is developed through a community visioning process.”

Ms O’Malley said it was the role of an “active and engaged” local member to work closely with all stakeholders and as the redevelopment had been a contentious issue, she was working with all parties to ensure the best outcome was reached.

“I will continue to do this with an open and collaborative approach,” she said.

Perth Saints Football Club president Nigel Sayers said he was disappointed in the council’s decision.

“We’ve spent three years in workshops only for the council to pull out at the last minute,” he said.

“We were expecting to see the final plans on the Wednesday after the council meeting but that was cancelled.”

In a statement, the Palmyra Rugby Union Club said it welcomed any form of redevelopment that did not affect the financial position of the club or the playing grounds and social enjoyment of its members.