Big rises for local councillors

The Salaries and Allowances Tribunal released its Determination of Fees, Allowances and Expenses for Local Government Elected Members on Thursday.

In a statement, it said the new payments would come into effect from July 1 and would bring remuneration for local government elected members in WA in line with the rest of Australia.

Under the new allowances, councillors can receive up to $30,000 in meeting fees.

Mayors can receive up to $45,000 plus an $85,000 annual allowance.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said it was great that councillors would now be remunerated appropriately.

‘In 20 years I have never sought an increase in reimbursement as community service has been my passion, however the new allowances will hopefully attract quality long-term candidates and improve governance standards,’ Mr Aubrey said.

In the report it said, ‘The tribunal noted that it is vital that local governments, attract capable and committed elected council members to provide leadership, expertise and good government at a community level.’

Allowances were last adjusted in 2005.