Bowling club land not for sale

Mr Aubrey told the Times there were no current plans to sell the land the bowling club is on, or any of the land at surrounding Tompkins Park.

He also said the multi-sport hub being designed for Tompkins Park was not the best place for the bowling club, which was outlined as the club’s future home in a previous plan for the area.

‘The city has now concluded further investigations of options at the bowling club site and for the concept plan,’ he said.

‘While the city’s investigations considered the needs of the wider sporting community, they also considered the current and future requirements of the bowling club specifically and the future of bowls as a sport in general within the city.’

The mayor said the future Tompkins Park Sports Hub was determined not to be a suitable relocation for the bowling club.

But in line with the city’s community hub policy, all community facilities will continue to be reviewed, with the aim of relocating stand-alone clubs into more sustainable community hub models where feasible.

Mr Aubrey said it was clear that lawn bowls participation was in decline, and a report into the provision of lawn bowls in the city would be completed this year, with the results to guide the development of bowls facilities in the city in the future.

He said the city had worked closely with the president and executive team of the bowling club for the past two years to understand the club’s needs.

‘At least 10 separate meetings have taken place to discuss the concept plan for Tompkins Park with the club’s executive team, and the city would like to thank the club for their efforts throughout this process of option investigation.’

A future management model of the proposed Tompkins Park Sports Hub facility will continue to be developed in conjunction with all affected user groups.

He said it was still relatively early in the entire process, with funding options yet to be determined, which made it difficult to predict when construction would commence at Tompkins Park, but it’s estimated works may begin in two or three years.

‘The concept plan at Tompkins Park will establish additional sporting fields to meet current and future demands,’ he said.

‘This is part of ongoing work by the City to ensure it will have sufficient sporting fields, which are already challenged by an increase in participation and popularity of sports, a growing population and Perth’s drying climate.’

The plan will also try to improve and increase parking at the park and will include the relocation of the Melville Bridge Club into the main hub building.