Brentwood crossing causes confusion for motorists and pedestrians

Kevin Pearce at the Moolyeen Road point he says is causing confusion for motorists and pedestrians.
Kevin Pearce at the Moolyeen Road point he says is causing confusion for motorists and pedestrians.

CARS or pedestrians – who has right of way at this point of Moolyeen Road in Brentwood?

The site in question is just north of the Moolyeen Road and Cranford Avenue roundabout and is used by pedestrians walking between Brentwood Primary School and the shopping centre on the eastern side of the road.

Mt Pleasant resident Kevin Pearce said most people think it is a crosswalk.

He said one man almost stepped into the path of his car as he drove along the road in December.

He said he followed up with Main Roads WA and the City of Melville, who informed him the point was merely a speed hump to slow traffic.

Mr Pearce then questioned why, if that was the case, there were painted guidelines to show pedestrians where to walk and a sloped path offering easy access for prams and wheelchairs.

“I think it’s a very confusing situation,” he said.

He said signs were needed either way – letting drivers and pedestrians know who had right of way – but was told it could not be done for “technical reasons”.

City of Melville chief executive Shayne Silcox confirmed it was not a crosswalk but added it did function as a crossing when controlled by a guard.

“In the first instance the purpose of the treatment is to slow traffic and to highlight to drivers that pedestrians do cross there,” he said.

“Additionally, when a crossing guard is in place during school crossing times, the treatment provides a safe crossing area for school children.”

Dr Silcox said zebra crossing markings and signage would need to be installed to give pedestrians right of way, pushing it into Main Roads’ authority.

“This site does not meet their requirements to install a zebra crossing,” he said.

“The installation of a sign indicating cars have right of way would not be compliant, particularly when cars do not have the right of way when the school guard controlled crossing is operating at school crossing times.”

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