Bus stop offers little shelter

Bus stop offers little shelter

A drainage problem along South Street meant locals waiting at the bus shelter got wet every time a car drove past, unless they were willing to wait elsewhere.

It prompted one local resident to call for the shelter to be relocated 30 to 40 metres east up the road.

‘It has been going on for years,’ resident Peter Bruce said.

‘There is a drainage problem right out the front of the shelter.

‘The flooding occurs during every decent rain. Every time a car drives past, the shelter is saturated from top to bottom and so are those waiting to catch a bus.’

The bus shelter is currently located outside the nursing village where Mr Bruce lives on South Street.

‘It needs to be moved to where there is a dry spot in the road,’ he said.

‘There is no point having a shelter to protect commuters from the weather, if there is flooding right next to it.’

The City of Melville said it had notified Main Roads of the flooding and drainage issues, which blamed a blocked drain.

‘The drain was blocked by litter which has now been cleaned away,’ a Main Roads WA spokeswoman said. ‘The pit and pipe are clean of debris and litter, and now appears to be working.’

Main Roads said it would continue to monitor the drain and said if the problem persists, further investigations would be undertaken.

The first major rains for the year also flooded a number of streets in Myaree and Melville.