Call for change to dog laws after attack

Michelle Lanigan with her new dog Caesar, and Pippa (below).
Michelle Lanigan with her new dog Caesar, and Pippa (below).

Michelle Lanigan and her daughter Tiffany Lanigan were on their routine walk at Len Shearer Reserve in Melville with their two dogs, when a great dane cross mauled and killed their one-year-old toy poodle Pippa.

‘The great dane cross was on the loose, I saw him coming towards us and crouching down,’ Michelle said. ‘The next minute he went straight for Pippa around the neck, first it was one bite and then he went for a better hold and that was all it took.

‘I tried to get the dog off but I couldn’t. An onlooker had to kick the dog off to eventually get Pippa and he had to hold the dog down until the rangers came.’

Michelle said she raced Pippa to the vet but she had already died.

Rangers attended the scene and took the great dane to the City pound where it was kept over night, but the next day it was returned to the owners.

Melville chief executive Shayne Silcox said that in accordance with the Dog Act 1976, the dog was handed back to the owners following payment of the appropriate impound fees.

‘The matter is still under investigation as the dog is assessed by an investigating officer for consideration as a dangerous dog’