Carers needed for pets

Kim Burke (Myaree) with Sam
Kim Burke (Myaree) with Sam

The Mt Pleasant mother of two began volunteering for HAART earlier this year, when they were looking to adopt a rescued pet.

‘We had to put down our dog and we wanted to find a dog that could be rescued ” I had no idea how many abandoned dogs were out there,’ she said.

Now she is calling on more volunteers to help foster the pets to get ready for adoption.

‘HAART has dozens of abandoned dogs and cats that need a home or a foster family,’ she said. ‘We don’t have kennels, we get people to foster them until we can find them a home.

‘Unfortunately, we are short of fosterers at the minute so many animals are dying unnecessarily through no fault of their own and we are urging people to help out.’

‘We would love people to adopt, if they can’t adopt then foster and if they can’t foster then donate,’ she said.

Mrs Burke said many of the pets were beautiful animals that owners could not keep anymore.

‘We get dogs surrendered because their owners have a baby, want to go travelling or they haven’t trained it,’ she said.

‘We want to educate people that a homeless pet needs our help.’

To foster or adopt a pet from HAART, visit or av