City happy with ‘moderate’ rise

Melville council voted to adopt the 2013-14 budget last week, which would include a 6 per cent rate increase for residents.

Dr Silcox said that under the 2013-14 budget, an average residential ratepayer could expect to see an increase of about $1.27 a week to their general rates.

‘The budget had been prepared with great efforts to keep the level of rate increase as low as possible,’ he said.

‘While it is always possible to use short term quick fix measures, such as deferring asset maintenance and therefore the costs involved, we have aimed to balance this budget with longer term financial sustainability and have worked hard to avoid creating significant financial burdens for the next generation.

The budget provides for $23.03 million in capital expenditure, including $580,000 for the development of the former Carawatha Primary School site in Willagee. Other key items in the capital expenditure include $3.45 million for general road surfacing, $2.25 million for works on council-owned buildings, $2.2 million for Farrington Road works, $848,000 for Melville Beach Road works, $427,000 for the replacement of gym equipment at the City’s recreation facilities and $120,000 for public art work.

While the council supported the budget on absolute majority, Cr Effie Nicholson voted against the budget in its entirety. Cr Nicholson called for some amendments, including the arts budget to be reduced to $60,000 and carpark funding at the Melville Aquatic Centre to be reduced, but they were lost.

Rates notices are due out on from July 19. For more information, visit or call 1300 635 845.