City of Melville councillors vote Matthew Woodall as new deputy mayor

New City of Melville deputy mayor Matthew Woodall.
New City of Melville deputy mayor Matthew Woodall.

MELVILLE has a new deputy mayor with Matthew Woodall voted in by his colleagues at a special council meeting last night, despite councillor Nicholas Pazolli putting his own case forward for selection.

The Bull Creek-Leeming ward councillor claimed the two-horse race after statement time where he said he had the skill and character to perform the role.

“With many new faces around the table, it will clearly take a while for all of us to get to know each other and find out where our common interests lie,” he said.

“I am fully committed to promoting respectful dialogue, discussion and debate among councillors in an environment where we value each other’s opinion even when we disagree.

“I want us to work together wherever we can … and to make decisions that we believe are in the best interests of ratepayers.”

Cr Pazolli, who has now failed in three attempts to win the deputy position across his 10 years on the council, argued he was the best candidate for role.

“It is clear the council is under scrutiny by its ratepayers as well as by the current Minister of Local Government,” he said.

“Minister (David) Templeman is looking for confirmation that the Melville council has heard and responded to ratepayers of the City and that action has been taken to deal with the unprecedented community activism that has overtaken the council in the last year or so.

“My selection for the deputy mayor position would send a strong message there will be a positive change with the council.”

In a secret ballot, Melville councillors chose Cr Woodall for the position.Cr Woodall follows on in the role from Rebecca Aubrey, whose stint on council ended at the weekend when she lost the central ward seat to former Mayor Katy Mair.

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