City of Melville to vote on phone tower plan at Beasley Reserve

VODAFONE has approached the City of Melville about installing a new communications tower at Beasley Reserve in Leeming.

City officers support the proposal, which seeks to address poor coverage for Vodafone clients in the area, and councillors will vote on it next week.

Close to 175sq m of the reserve, located in a sparsely vegetated area next to the existing parking lot, would be excised and leased to Vodafone for 20 years.

The 20m monopole tower with a triangular headframe includes an equipment shelter and would be surrounded by a fence.

The selected land is a minimum of 150m away from the closest residential properties and will not detract from the Beasley Reserve oval used by various sporting clubs.

The lease fee will be paid to the City with a condition imposed by the Department of Lands requiring that money be spent either on or within the surrounding area.

The City would not reveal the lease fee, which it said would be bound by a confidentiality agreement should the proposal go ahead.

There are currently three communications towers within the City of Melville – two in Bull Creek belonging to Vodafone and Telstra and a second Telstra tower at Wireless Hill.