City warns owners of dogs

This year, rangers have investigated 70 dog attack reports. Seven dogs have been declared dangerous and two animals killed as a result of an attack.

Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey has warned owners that dog attacks would not be tolerated.

He said owners must have their dogs on a lead in a public place and under control when being exercised off a lead in designated areas.

‘This means the dog will come back when called at all times and is close enough to their owner that a leash can be quickly attached if they become aggressive,’ he said

‘It is also important for dog owners to understand that an ‘attack’ need not involve the dog actually inflicting a wound, in fact where an owner allows their dog to attack or chase another person or animal, whether or not an injury occurs, can result in significant penalties of up to $10,000.’

The City can declare individual dogs dangerous for offences such as attacking or repeatedly rushing, threatening or chasing people or animals. The City can declare individual dogs dangerous.

The City’s message came during the same week, the State Government announced plans to re-introduce a legislation to ban the sale of dangerous dogs and force owners to microchip their pets.

Mr Aubrey is encouraging the community to report dog attack incidents to City of Melville rangers for investigation and action.

Rangers can be contacted during office hours on 1300 635 845 and after office hours on 0418 943 219.