Clash with meth user the worst case

Along with his partner, Sgt Worthington was responding to a call that a woman and her toddler were being held hostage inside their house.

A man under the influence of amphetamines had broken in and was holding the woman at knifepoint, and the man was not listening to police instructions.

�He had crazy eyes,� Sgt Worthington said.

�I was aiming my weapon at him, telling him to put the knife down but he wasn�t responding to any verbal commands.

�He thought his daughter was in the house and was insane with rage.�

The innocent family were targetted randomly by the man who had been at a party and, according to Sgt Worthington, was agitated and irrational after a long drug binge.

Following a tense standoff, the man threw the knife between himself and the police officers, giving the victim a chance to break free and the man was eventually subdued, arrested and charged with a string of offences.

Sgt Worthington called it his worse personal experience with a drug user.