Cop Kong of Applecross: Why I dressed as a gorilla in a police uniform

Cop Kong on patrol in Applecross.
Cop Kong on patrol in Applecross.

A WOMAN fed up with being harassed by an alleged sex-pest at Applecross foreshore has dressed as a gorilla wearing a police officer’s uniform to give the man a scare of his own.

In one of the more unusual ways to seek justice, the woman said she spent three mornings last week hiding behind a tree near a bike path before seizing the opportunity to confront the man.

“When he turned up I jumped on my bike and chased him,” she said.

“I followed him while at the same time I was on the phone to the cops giving them his exact location second by second.

“I was like their GPS I guess – gorilla global positioning system.”

The woman said the alleged flasher rode a bicycle along the path and on some occasions got off his bike and approached women.

Dubbing herself Cop Kong but not wanting to be defined as a hero, she said she wore the full body costume because she didn’t want the man to know her identity.

But she was an advocate for “girl power” who would not stand by while other women were making similar complaints to hers.

“We all have to help create the kind of world we want to live in I want to live in a world where women feel safe and can let their light shine,” she said.

Police on Saturday charged a Palmyra man with four counts of committing indecent acts in public. He will face court at a later date.