Council chief dismisses flyer claims

The flyer urges residents to ‘act now’ and contact their local MPs, councillors and the council to put a stop to the plans for the 115-hectare land site in Leeming.

But City of Melville chief executive Shayne Silcox has moved quickly to dismiss the pamphlet, saying the flyer left in mailboxes had misleading information.

‘The distribution of this information, and a previous flyer concerning the same subject distributed to residents a number of weeks ago, has been done so anonymously,’ Dr Silcox said.

‘The person distributing the information has not provided their contact details, but has provided contact details for the local ward councillors and the local Member of Parliament.’

Dr Silcox said it was important residents were provided with the facts of the project so they could be aware of future opportunities they would have to be directly involved in any decision that is eventually made.

The City and Jandakot MLA Joe Francis’ office have received calls about the development after the distribution of the flyer.

The land in Leeming is used mainly as a private golf course, for sporting clubs and recreation. But a large portion of land has been left vacant after being closed as a landfill site in 1996.

The City announced in February it had been working on master plan to make use of the vacant land, which would most likely see the golf course take over the landfill site while parts of the original golf course would be used for housing development.

Dr Silcox said that, to date, none of the six design concepts had been presented to the City of Melville.

It is expected the plans will be presented to council in April.

‘Many points raised in the flyers distributed to residents anonymously, refer to proposals that have not been agreed to by the council, have not been advertised for comment by the community, or in fact, are not included in the six design concepts created,’ Dr Silcox said.