Councillor says sorry

The Local Government Standards Panel found that Nick Pazolli used his position as a council member to cause detriment to the reputation of councillors during a special council meeting on December 9, 2013.

A report states that at the meeting, which was for the final adoption of the Melville City Structure Plan, Cr Pazolli said that a group of councillors had met privately and colluded to vote a particular way on the matter.

The report states he also said that the Probity Oversight Committee, charged with overseeing the process, had not done its job and had not ensured �the concerns of the Southern Frame Group residents were properly heard and considered in the structure plan�.

The complaint was made to the panel by City of Melville chief executive Shayne Silcox and Cr Pazolli responded, denying he had committed any breach.

However, the panel found that Cr Pazolli�s comments �would have resulted in members of the public having an adverse view of the local government and its elected members�.

The panel also found Cr Pazolli had intended the detriment by choosing to raise the matter publicly and that he misused his office by doing so.

Cr Pazolli was instructed by the panel to apologise publicly at the meeting.

�I apologise to my fellow councillors for my said conduct, and regret any hurt, inconvenience or unpleasantness I have caused to them,� Cr Pazolli said.