Dolphin discussion

Tomorrow night, the PhD candidate will compete in the national titles at the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle where she will talk about her dolphin research for three minutes, without the use of scientific jargon, slides or PowerPoint, for a chance to represent Australia at the world titles in the UK.

Sarah Marley is completing her PhD on dolphins and the effect of increasing noise pollution in their environments, at Curtin University.

FameLab attracts some of Australia�s top early career scientists and many others from more than 30 countries from around the world. It helps researchers and science teachers develop skills in performance, communications and persuasion, and provides an international platform for science storytelling.

The Scottish native who completed her BSc Zoology (Hons) at the University of Aberdeen in 2008, said she gets excited about science communication and encouraging others to take an interest in the natural world.

A lot of her current research is on the dolphins in Fremantle Port, which she observes from Cantonment Hill in Fremantle with the help of a theodolite.

You can donate to support dolphin and acoustics research in the Swan River via

The winner of the Australian heat will attend the national titles at the Cheltenham Science Festival in June.