Electors will not be required to present identification at meetings

Mayor Russell Aubrey.
Mayor Russell Aubrey.

THE City of Melville will not request identification at future special electors meetings, despite a motion passing last Monday that requested just that.

Proposed by Alfred Cove Action Group spokesperson David Maynier, the motion sought to require those attending electors meetings to present identification as a means of validating their right to vote.

It follows unsubstantiated accusations of “branch stacking” by wave park supporters from outside the City of Melville at a prior special electors meeting to discuss the relocation of the Melville Bowling Club.

Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said the Local Government Act did not give local government authorities the power to request identification at electors meetings.

“Unfortunately we are confined by what the local government act allows us to do,” he said.

“Mr Maynier moved the motion and it was carried, but he did include the caveat that identification is only requested when lawful.

“The catch is it’s just not lawful.”

Mr Aubrey said the City had instead resorted to requiring attendants to sign a declaration stating the name and address they provided was accurate. Those who do so are then provided with a yellow voting card.

“The system we’ve put in place is the best we can possibly do under the circumstances,” he said.