Plant more trees in Melville

MAYOR Aubrey made front-page news saying that planting trees reduces temperatures, Plant to handle the heat, Times, May 26.

This is something we all know, but the people in charge of councils don’t.

For many years, I walked the suburbs of the City of Melville asking people if they would like a street-tree planted and explaining that this was a free service.

We have many streets that have no trees and it’s a torment to walk along them in the summer.

There are trees along the foreshore in Peppermint Grove, so why shouldn’t this happen in Melville?

Council states they will put a tree on a verge, but many verges will support two trees.

I have seen many dead trees removed in our suburbs and not replaced.

Council should make all developers put street trees in.

I note that the mayor has chosen Garden City and areas around the council offices for tree coverage, but what about the suburbs?